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Balkan SPA Awards 2015 Winner

Macedonia was host for the first time of Balkan SPA Awards, an organization that selects every year the best companies from the SPA Industry. More then 50 companies from 8 balkan countries: Albania, Greece, Turkey, Kosovo, Serbia, Bulgaria, Rumania and Macedonia, competed in 8 different categories.

A special jury of SPA experts from many foreign countries members of the SPA Nomination organization, voted anonymously over internet to choose the best. Debarski Banji Capa was announced as the best Medical SPA in Balkan in 2015. A similar award was received just few months ago from BAHA.

Photos by HiLife.

Best Health Resort in Balkan AWARD

Balkan Alliance of Hospitality Associations (BAHA) awarded Capa Spa Resort Debar, Macedonia (Дебарски Бањи Цапа) as the best Medical Heath Resort on the Balkan for 2014. The award was handed over to the owner Mr. Mexhit Capa who said thank you to their Balkan Collegues for the award and promised new investments on our company to make us leader not only in Balkan, but also in Europe.

Public Announcment

On 24 June 2014 at 09:00 all shareholders are welcomed to participate in the assembly od A.D. Debarski Banji Capa. Below you’ll find the public announcement which was published in the Official Journal.


9 Аmbassadors visited Banjisht

The Ambassador of EU Mr. Aivo Orav and the Ambassadors of Slovenia, France, Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and Greece, visited our healing springs today in Banjisht. The purpose of the visit was the inauguration of a new project founded by EU, which will build a new mountain hiking path with a total distance of 17 km. This mountain road will also join both hotels Banjisht & Kosovrast.

The guests were accompanied by the Mayer Mr. Lata and Mr. Capa and they had the chance to taste local specialities such as kabuni, allvë, qeshkek,  etc.


Reopening Kosovrast Hotel & SPA

After more then 2 month of renovation, on May 17 2014, Kosovrast Hotel & SPA started to function normaly. Special guests were invited on the grand opening cocktail organized on the new A-La-Carte restaurant, among them Mr. Ali Ahmeti, President of the Democratic Union for Intergration.

Ukrainian Tour Operators

Group of tour operators from Ukraine, invited by the Macedonian Hotel Assocciation (HOTAM), visited Macedonia  in October 2013. They also stayed for a night in Banjisht where we organized a welcome party. The guests were accompanied by Mr. Capa and the mayor od Debar’s Municipality Mr. Lata.

The chairman of to Ukrainian Touristic Chamber, Mr. Пахља Анатолиј among other said: “Thank You for the hospitality and for organizing this beautiful evening for us. This  proofs that you have a very old tradition in tourism which we did not even dream to find in a small town like Debar.”

Here is the list of all guests:

Name of the company

Address and contact info



Zlaten Tour

Киев, ул Старовкзаљна бр.23 оф. 309

Донцов Игор, директор

Донцова Ирина, менаџер



Киев, ул. Богговутовскаја , бр. 4, оф. 102

+38044 425 74 74

Људмила Копа,

ген. директор,

Алла Ткач


Portali TURMIR

Киев, бул. Д.Народов, бр. 14-а, оф.21

+38044 2874000

Станислав Власенко, главен редактор

Бистрицкаја Викторија



Киев, ул.Грушевского, бр. 28/2, оф. 54

Наталија Сиренко, менаџер

Максим Сагањук


Мir bez granici

Киев, ул.

Острјанина Наталија, директор, Темченко Оксана,менаџер


Albena Travel

Киев, ул. Верхниј вал, бр. 4-а

+38044 455 94 42

Румен Спасов,

Генерален директор


Olvia Tour

Луцк, ул. Бендери, бр. 13/66

+38096 566 56 32

Пашкевич Наталија, менаџер

Пашкевич Вадим, правник


Rodnik Travel

Киев, ул Еспланадна, бр.

Навроцка Наталија, менаџер, Левчук Людмила, правник


Vlad Art

Киев, ул. Ушинского, бр. 40, оф 22

Патлај Александр, заменик директор


Hotel Kamelot

Киев, ул. Мељникова, бр. 4,

+38044  465 93 93

Најден Стамболов,


Dhoma Turistike e Ukrainës

Чеботарјова Свитлана директор на западен регион, Соколова Ољга вице-прецедател



Давид Пилојан, Евгенија Тихонова




Олга Редзјук


Dhoma Turistike e Ukrainës

Пахља Анатолиј, прецедател


MIA Tour

Киев, ул. Кудрјавска, бр. 37

Старченко Лилија


Përfaqsues i ambasadës të R.M. në Ukrainë

Спасиќ Милош

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