You can find a cure for …

We’re licensed by the Macedonian Ministry of Health for balneotherapy and physiotherapy. Our medical treatments are recommended for healing and treating the following diseases.

Chronic diseases
Chronic rheumatic diseases
Functional recovery of oentral and peripheral neuroparalysis
Metabolic diseases, especially diabetes, obesity, and gout
Circulatory diseases, especially moderate or mild hypenemion
Peripheral circulatory diseases (affecting the hands and feet)
Chronic skin diseases
Psychosomatic and stress-related diseases
Autonomic nervous system dysfunction
Vibration disorder (a middle ear disorder affecting balance)
Sequelae of (conditions resulting from) trauma
Chronic gynecological diseases
Uro-genital diseases

Sequelae of cerebrovascular disorders
Chronic rheumatic diseases
Sequelae of traffic accidents and sports-related injuries
Spinal paralysis
Treatment paralysis
Treatment after cerebral surgery or orthopedic surgery

Before and after surgical procedures
Hip replacements
Knee surgery

Preventive medicine
Prevention of adult diseases
Prevention of occupational diseases
Building up physical strength and general immunity


Spring water

The reason why people were using this water since the 18th century, is because they contain minerals, gases and vapours, that will bring a specific therapeutic effect on the human body such as, changes in the body temperature and in the functioning of the glands, the heart, the circulator system, the digestion system, the immune system, the muscles and the skin. The most specific and unique feature of the themal-mineral waters in Debar’s Spa Capa, is the water temperature which is 39 ◦C in hotel Banjishte and 41 ◦C in Kosovrasti. These temperatures are optimal for the human body, thats why we do not heat nor cool the water temperature like other SPAs around the world do. The water is 100% natural and contains then 4000 mg of mineral per liter, depending on the spring location. The most common found minerals are:

Anions mg/l
SO4 940.0
Cl 453.0
HCO3 994.0
HBO3  30.0
H2AsO4  2.0
Cations mg/l
Ca 750.0
Mg 378.0
Na 280.0
K2+ 36.0
Fe3+ 0.5
Other Minerals mg/l
MnO2 0.15
Si O2 3.0
CO2 295.0
H2S 31.0
NH3 12.0
SO3 2.0
Li 1.8
F 10.0


According to the several studies made during the 70s in Banjisht and Kosovrast, many well known foreign Doctors and Geologists, which were headed by Dr. N. Fellman and Dr. Ing Gert Michel, stated that Debars Springs are unique and they can not be compared with other spas. The water is classified as the most mineral rich water in Europe and the 3rd richest water in the World, therefore they are one of the most healing springs.